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Re-thinking training: Just-in-Time (JIT) Training

In part three of this four-part series, Gary Klein considers the sustainability and efficacy of traditional training approaches during events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, where conditions are rapidly changing and information is shared in unconventional ways.

Scenario of the Month

The Water Stripper Tower

This month we feature a scenario from our work in the petrochemical industry.


ShadowBox Training is now SCORM-Compliant

ShadowBox now offers exportable SCORM-compliant modules (i.e. ShadowBox training scenarios) that can be integrated seamlessly into your organization’s learning management system.

Scenario of the Month Video

Video Scenario – Covid-19 Risk

This video-based Scenario of the Month demonstrates the versatility of ShadowBox. We developed an informative, yet fun, video around an emerging topic.

Scenario of the Month

Driving: A Misadventure

This month, we feature a scenario made with group input during a scenario writing workshop.