News and Updates


Remembering Helen

The ShadowBox team would like to share some memories about one of our founding team members, Helen Altman Klein.


The Comedy Mindset

Humor can be an effective tool in changing our reactions in certain situations, allowing us to enjoy and appreciate moments that might otherwise cause us to stew in our own anger and frustration.


OODA Versus RPD: Reconciling Models of Cognition and Conflict

John Schmitt provides a comprehensive beak down of the overlap and distinct differences between Boyd's OODA model of conflict and Klein's RPD model of cognitive decision making, and describes the contexts in which they are best suited.


Welcome, Micah Condon!

Join us in welcoming our newest Research Assistant, Micah Condon, to the ShadowBox Team!


Thoughts on Training Fidelity

Learn about different types of training fidelity, the importance of selecting the type of fidelity based on the goals of the training, and why better technology doesn’t always mean better training.

Scenario of the Month

Decisions for Patrol Officers

This month, we introduce a type of ShadowBox exercise we call ShadowBox Lite (SBXL), which is an abbreviated scenario with minimal set-up and only one decision point. The idea is to distill the decision down to its essence. Here we offer six SBXLs from law enforcement.