Frequently Asked Questions

We tailor every cost proposal to each organization’s specific goals. Cost varies depending on the type of services you require (link to services). Please contact us for more information. Here are some questions to help you think about the services that will best suit your organization.

  1. Do you work in a domain with ready made training (Child welfare, Law Enforcement, Petrochemical panel operations)? 
  2. Are you interested in individual or group training?
  3. Are you interested in in-person or online training?
  4. Do you have a large segment of your workforce retiring?

ShadowBox software is web-based so it can easily be used for both in-person and remote learning.

ShadowBox offers workshops designed to help your staff develop scenario writing skills.

Yes, Gary is occasionally available for speaking engagements. Please contact us with information about the event.

We periodically hire interns. Please contact us for more information.

It depends on the ShadowBox delivery approach your organization chooses. Here are three common delivery approaches:

  1. Small group learning. Small groups of learners complete a scenario with instructor-led discussion in a 60-90 minute session. 
  2. Independent learning. Independent online learners may review scenarios and reflect on skilled practitioner models at their own pace.
  3. Hybrid model. Students independently complete online scenarios and then meet for a 60-90 minute facilitated discussion. 

Most ShadowBox modules include 4-6 scenarios. Sessions are often spread out over weeks or months to increase training impact.

In-depth Cognitive Task Analysis can take months. At ShadowBox, we are continually working out ways to make the front-end work more efficient so that more resources can be devoted to training. Given access to skilled practitioners, we are able to generate cognitive training requirements in as little as one week. These requirements are the foundation of scenario design.

The term ‘expert’ can be loaded. We are looking for the skilled practitioners in your organization. These are the people others turn to when they have a tough problem or are unsure how to proceed. We like to work with 3-5 of these experts to incorporate their insights into our scenarios.

Our clients are diverse, but they have one thing in common-they want to improve core skills such as critical thinking and decision making as well as change mindsets in their organization. We have developed training for law enforcement, child welfare, petrochemical, military, and healthcare professionals. See our clients page for more information.

ShadowBox is not well-suited to help people get better at checking boxes and applying procedures reliably. Instead, we focus on situations in which the procedures are not going to be enough. ShadowBox scenarios present situations that require learners to use their judgment and solve complex problems. See the Approach page for a list of organizational challenges ShadowBox addresses.

Our main office is in Dayton, Ohio. We have satellite offices in Boston, Illinois, and North Carolina.

The first step is to contact us. Please include information about the organizational challenges your company is facing.