We develop and deliver training that leverages expert knowledge.

ShadowBox goes beyond standard procedures.

We leverage expertise from your team and ours to develop the optimal training product for your organization. The flexibility of ShadowBox allows us to work within an organization’s practical constraints during the training development and delivery process.

ShadowBox Services

Our services are highly adaptable. Scenarios can vary in length, depth, and presentation, depending on learning objectives and training resources. We provide a variety of training opportunities and ready made exercises:

Ready-made Training

Subscriptions to ShadowBox programs are available for three high consequence domains: child welfare, petrochemical panel operators, and law enforcement.

Training Delivery

ShadowBox training is available via software subscription to support independent, group, and facilitator-led sessions. ShadowBox facilitators are skilled at providing in-person and remote instruction.

Bespoke Training

The ShadowBox team can work with your organization to develop custom-built scenarios to address your organization’s unique challenges.

Distance Learning

The ShadowBox web application provides a powerful platform for distance learning, particularly when face-to-face training is no longer possible.


The ShadowBox team can help you identify the cognitive challenges in your workplace, and foster awareness of the cognitive dimension throughout your organization.

Workshops and User Guides

The ShadowBox team can mentor your organization by introducing and maintaining a ShadowBox training program. Our skilled facilitators can provide mentoring to your staff to grow your own internal facilitators and scenario writers.

ShadowBox Applications

Our clients are constantly finding new problems that ShadowBox can address. Here are some of the most common applications:

Leadership and Team Calibration

ShadowBox can give leaders immediate feedback on whether they are calibrated with their team.

Knowledge Management

ShadowBox lets organizations capture expertise in the form of scenarios and commentary provided by experts. That way, expertise is directly embedded in the training and knowledge can be disseminated throughout the organization.

Turning Policy into Practice

Organizations rely on written policies to ensure consistency and provide guidance for how tasks should be completed. ShadowBox can enhance these policies by providing examples of how policies are operationalized, especially in ambiguous situations.

Emergent Challenges

ShadowBox scenarios can be developed to address new opportunities and emerging challenges  and to explore the effect of new technologies on various types of scenarios.

Services FAQs

We tailor every cost proposal to each organization’s specific goals. Cost varies depending on the type of services you require. Please contact us for more information. Here are some questions to help you think about the services that will best suit your organization.

  1. Do you work in a domain with ready made training (Child welfare, Law Enforcement, Petrochemical panel operations)?
  2. Are you interested in individual or facilitated group training?
  3. Are you interested in in-person or online training?

It depends on the ShadowBox delivery approach your organization chooses. Here are three common delivery approaches:

  1. Small group learning. Small groups of learners complete a scenario with instructor-led discussion in a 60-90 minute session.
  2. Independent learning. Independent online learners may review scenarios and reflect on skilled practitioner models at their own pace.
  3. Hybrid model. Students independently complete online scenarios and then meet for a 60-90 minute facilitated discussion.

Most ShadowBox modules include 4–6 scenarios. Sessions are often spread out over weeks or months to increase training impact.

Yes, Gary is occasionally available for speaking engagements. Please contact us with information about the event.

The first step is to send us an email. Please include information about the organizational challenges your company is facing.