Web App

Introducing the ShadowBox web app for learning anywhere.

Training delivery

Learners work through challenging scenarios on their own time and get real-time feedback from experts.

Instructors invite learners to access selected scenarios. Learners work through scenarios independently.
Expert feedback is available at the click of a button.


Expert-Eyes™ is a video-based training format that supports perceptual skill development. This patented learning strategy allows learners to view engaging, dynamic scenarios as they unfold to identify critical cues in context.

Learners annotate videos and compare their responses to expert judgments.

Learning management

Learner data are passively collected into an easily exportable format.

Instructors can monitor student progress. ShadowBox can be integrated into your specific LMS.

Designing new scenarios

Turn real-life experiences into training exercises that bring value to your company. Adapt existing scenarios to align with new guidelines or create new scenarios to address emerging challenges. Our intuitive authoring tool walks you through the steps. No software development skills required.

Upload images and text to describe the scenario. Choose from seven different types of decision probes to tailor your questions.