Welcome, Jared Peterson!

Join us in welcoming our newest Research Associate and Project Manager, Jared Peterson, to the ShadowBox Team!

Jared joined the ShadowBox team at the beginning of May 2023. With a background in behavioral and decision sciences and experience with behavioral science consulting in high stakes domains, Jared brings a unique perspective to ShadowBox. Take a look at Jared’s bio to learn more! Welcome to the ShadowBox team, Jared! 

A note from Jared:

“I am thrilled to join ShadowBox, a team that so closely resonates with my views on human decision-making. I began my journey studying heuristics and biases before discovering the 2009 adversarial collaboration between Daniel Kahneman and Gary Klein. It opened my mind to a new approach. Klein’s work fascinated me, and I wanted more.

My intrigue grew deeper when I encountered Klein’s Dataframe Theory of sensemaking. The theory not only addressed several challenges I’d been grappling with in my field, but it also dovetailed beautifully with other theories I was exploring, such as complexity, relevance realization, and the context-sensitive nature of human decision-making. This newfound understanding fundamentally altered my approach to decision-making, and I began to incorporate it into all my work.

Now, as a part of ShadowBox, I’m seeing world experts apply NDM principles first-hand, and the work could not be more interesting. The ShadowBox approach is compelling, and the industries we work with are fascinating. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of such an intelligent and high-impact team.”