Jared Peterson

Research Associate
Project Manager

Jared Peterson has dedicated his career to understanding and applying cognitive science to real-world problems. Leveraging his knowledge of human behavior, he has successfully enhanced decision-making processes and instigated positive behavioral changes across diverse fields, such as healthcare, agriculture, and finance. Now at ShadowBox, he is expanding his impact to sectors including law enforcement, child welfare, and others.

Intrigued by the complexities of cognitive science, in 2018 he pursued a Master’s degree in Behavioral and Decision Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. This academic foundation, coupled with his subsequent professional experiences as a behavioral science consultant, led him to the work of Gary Klein, and ultimately to ShadowBox, where he joined in 2023 as a Research Associate and Project Manager. Outside of work, Jared resides in Arizona with his wife, where he enjoys kayaking, rock climbing, and pondering the intricacies of human nature.