Welcome, Micah Condon!

Join us in welcoming our newest Research Assistant, Micah Condon, to the ShadowBox Team!

Micah joins the ShadowBox Team from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. With an emphasis on psychological research and neuropsychology, Micah has experience investigating decision making processes in crisis situations. Check out Micah’s bio to learn more interesting facts about him. Glad to have you on the team, Micah!

Initial ShadowBox insights from Micah:

“I have been drawn to ShadowBox’s vision of retaining and accelerating expertise within the workforce. ShadowBox’s mission centered around the concern of the rising retiree population: a decline in experienced employees from the workforce means a loss of tacit knowledge, and in turn, expertise. As new workers replace experienced workers at a flying pace, the workforce collectively becomes less proficient. ShadowBox’s innovative approach seeks to bring novices up to speed faster, training them to think like experts.

The ShadowBox training method reaches beyond teaching procedures as any average training course would, but instead looks to develop the worker’s cognitive skills. These skills pertain to processes within critical thinking, decision-making, sensemaking, and troubleshooting. To develop these skills, ShadowBox creates scenario-based training paired with expert feedback. These scenarios allow novices to gain insights not only into what an expert does but how the expert thinks and prioritizes. 

In industries with high turnover rates, (ex. healthcare and hospitality) this type of training could be pivotal to their sustainability. Looking back on my past work experiences, the training I received was merely an overview of materials and machinery. Most of my adaptability and cognitive skills had to be developed through trial and error. ShadowBox would have enabled me to learn many of these skills at a faster pace. With ShadowBox training, workers across domains can develop cognitive skills adapted to their domain goals and tools.”