Micah Condon

Research and Project Assistant

Micah Condon joined our team as a Research and Project Assistant in early 2023, shortly after earning his BA in Psychology from Cedarville University, specializing in psychological research and neuropsychology. He has collaborated on various research projects with the University of Dayton and Cedarville University, focusing on decision-making during crises, such as how teachers made adaptations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

After hours, Micah often finds himself outdoors. If you ask any of his coworkers, they would likely guess he is out playing pickleball somewhere. Besides that, he is always up for a good game of sand volleyball or a fun hiking trip. On his more laid-back day, he is most likely reading a good adventure book or some psychological fiction. His favorite book recommendations would include some of the classics: East of Eden by John Steinbeck and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wild.