July 7, 2020

In a recently published review of the 20th anniversary edition of ShadowBox CEO Gary Klein’s Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions, Gerd Gigerenzer offers a contemplative and well written account of the far-sighted nature of the book. Lauding Sources of Power’s approach and solutions to decision-making, he provides contemporary empirical evidence for several of Klein’s arguments throughout the book, showcasing how relevant the decision-making tools Klein developed still are. Additionally, by providing thought provoking possible new directions for decision making models, he effectively articulates how stimulating and topical this boo...

June 5, 2020

Gary discusses why the Pre-Mortem method is an effective team strategy and how to maximize its usefulness, how the ShadowBox method can be leveraged by investment companies, the role of intuition in decision making, and how experts make decisions when faced with uncertainty.

To listen to the full podcast, follow this link.

May 15, 2020


Bouncing forward from global crises and challenges

Rethinking and guiding adaptations based on Resilience Engineering and Naturalistic Decision Making

"We do not know the story, even less the end of the story. What do you do in the middle of the story?"

"We get to write the story together, come and collaborate to seize, define and shape opportunities"

Global crises and challenges exemplified by COVID-19, the wildfires in Australia, Sweden, Portugal and USA, and global health and technology are calls for society to bounce forward. Th...

May 15, 2020

Join ShadowBox President Dr. Gary Klein, Ph.D. for a two-day online course June 8 & 9 from 1:00 to 4:00 EDT, as he leads a master class in PreMortem Method of Risk Assessment. The PreMortem is the game-changing strategy he developed to teach decision makers and planners how their strategies and plans could fail to dramatically increase their odds of success. Joining Dr. Klein will be Bryce G. Hoffman, the bestselling author of Red Team Thinking. 

The course is practical, hands-on training that will teach you everything you need to know about the PreMortem to make better business decisions, develop and execute more effective strat...

May 7, 2020

In August 2019, Gary Klein spoke at the Cynefin Retreat: Decision Making & Perception.

We are excited to share two videos of Gary's participation in the Cynefin retreat: A presentation about The Cognitive Dimension, and an interview conducted by Cognitive-Edge’s associate Zhen Goh.

To view Gary's presentation about The Cognitive Dimension, which includes an introduction to the Naturalistic Decision Making movement, the Recognition-Primed Decision model, and the ShadowBox approach, click the link here: https://cognitive-edge.wistia.com/medias/7x68ci02li?wvideo=7x68ci02li

To view the interview with Gary in which he discusses ShadowBox, th...

April 29, 2020

Resilience Engineering Association presents the 

Special webinar series on COVID-19

The REA is a global community of practice creating opportunities to collaborate with others who are leading research and developing practical applications in how to create resilience in complex systems.  Our events allow participants to learn from other domains seeking to engineer resilience into their systems such as healthcare, critical infrastructure, energy, critical digital services, transportation (aviation, marine, rail), automation (self-driving cars, drones), emergency response, finance, and aerospace.

We are launching a special webinar series on COV...

March 20, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

Since our last newsletter, the world has changed dramatically. Schools and universities have shut down across the United States, people are being asked to work from home, hospital workers, already stretched thin, will have to rapidly acquire new skills such as donning protective gear and operating ventilators (assuming that they will eventually get access to ventilators).

ShadowBox is hoping to do our part to provide support during this crises. We are responding to requests from different sectors of society to apply the ShadowBox technology for distance learning, so that training can be conducted in homes instead of c...

October 18, 2019

We’ve been working hard here at ShadowBox — lots of new developments to report. 

Patent Pending? Not any longer!

ShadowBox LLC is very pleased to announce we have received confirmation from the U.S. Patent Office that we have been awarded patents for the core technologies driving the visual, web-based version of ShadowBox. We have introduced this feature as the “cue detect” feature for training visual recognition skills.

Welcome Adam Zaremsky!

ShadowBox added a new Research Assistant to our team – Adam Zaremsky! Adam is already involved in many of our ongoing projects. He holds a BA in Psychology from Kenyon College and has a great interest i...