ShadowBox Training

The Scenario

First, we guide trainees through a true-to-life scenario, which encompasses complex issues that they may encounter in their work.


Scenarios provide vivid imagery and detail in a multi-media format – including text, graphics, video, or audio.

The Challenge

Within each scenario, trainees encounter realistic decision points, generated with the help of your experts.


Decision points challenge the trainee to provide rankings and rationale, tapping into participants' cognitive assessment of the situation.

The Feedback

Following each decision point, we present trainees with rankings from a panel of your experts.


Trainees have the opportunity to explore the minds of your experts by reading in-depth expert feedback for each ranking.

The Insight

After each scenario, trainees reflect on how their rankings and rationale compared to those of your experts.


This reflection fosters the development of insights that will aid in the evolution of novice to expert thinking.

ShadowBox Tools

An app
for Android tablets.*

A web-based version
for PCs and Macs.

*This version was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Through workshops
at client headquarters.

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