Naturalistic Decision Making and Resilience Engineering Association

Bouncing forward from global crises and challenges

Global crises and challenges exemplified by COVID-19, the wildfires in Australia, Sweden, Portugal and USA, and global health and technology are calls for society to bounce forward. These trigger reverberations and adaptations at system, organizational, societal levels, both locally and at large scale. Why is our collaboration relevant and needed now? RE & NDM both explore how to deal with complexity, uncertainty, and change. Resilience Engineering (RE) and Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) together represent a rich source of knowledge, proposing perspectives and techniques that serve as enablers for rethinking, guiding and implementing useful actions.

We get to write the story together, come and collaborate to seize, define and shape opportunities

In their work, NDM and RE communities address complexities, interdependencies across the provision of critical services, the importance of context and the impact of emergent technologies. NDM is concerned with the study of how people make decisions in complex real-world settings that can include challenging, dynamic and uncertain conditions. RE is about “building and supporting the capability to act” proposing ways to manage adaptive capacity when dealing with expected and unexpected situations.

We have created the opportunity for a select group of people to share, collaborate, coordinate and produce positive trajectories for change. We foresee an interactive process (e.g. monthly virtual event) that builds up to and enriches the 21-25 June 2021 meeting (save the date for the event location France). The creative process gives opportunities to work together independent on labels, critical questions, finding synergies across lines of work.

Two initial opportunities for virtual collaboration are a theme exploration followed by practical implications for industry and policy makers:

  • 26th August 2020 –Thematic Exploration – How do we apply RE & NDM findings and techniques when everyone is going through change? – Theme: Competence, expertise and building capabilities to anticipate
  • 30th September 2020 – Practical Implications – Aviation – specific implications


Target participants: Policy makers, designers, managers and frontline operators from diverse sectors such as health care, energy, maritime, aviation, railway, digital services, financial systems, water, communication and academia.

Take away: Tangible products to capture ideas and guides.

Initial question for you to respond*: What are new issues, gaps, and questions we need to think about? If we have more questions and issues than time, we will schedule additional collaborative creative process encounters!

Let’s engage and create useful solutions together,

Ivonne Herrera (Resilience Engineering Association), Gary Klein (Naturalistic Decision Making Conference), Jean Paries (Fondation pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle)

* Respond: Subject: RE-NDM2021