ShadowBox Newsletter: October 2018 Update

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn 2018!

We have some exciting new updates from the ShadowBox team!

ShadowBox Software Update

We’ve made some exciting changes to our ShadowBox training software! Our cue-detect platform now allows users to be more specific about the type of cues they monitor as they work through our web-based scenarios. In addition to marking significant cues, trainees can now distinguish their observations and their actions. This feature will add to the ShadowBox experience in settings that call for rapid reactions.

Even more important, our Shadowbox training software is now smartphone and tablet-accessible. Stay tuned for more software updates. To find out how ShadowBox can help fill the training gaps in your business, contact us.

Gary Klein in the News

In July, Gary was featured in a Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robinson Podcast where he discussed how people make decisions in real world settings and why the traditional, rational decision-making process that is taught in school is ineffective. He also collaborated with Robert Hoffman and Shane Mueller on a paper entitled, Explaining Explanation for “Explainable AI” which was presented at the 2018 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Conference in Philadelphia on October 4th.

Gary also conducted a webcast for police officers, sponsored by the Force Science Institute.

And he published essays on his Psychology Today blog on Cognitive Coaching, How to Identify Experts, Error-phobia and Small Data. To keep up with Gary’s work, follow him on Twitter or sign up to receive regular ShadowBox updates on our News & Media page.

NDM Conference 2019

ShadowBox LLC is excited to be partnering with Wichita State University to host the 14th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) in San Francisco, California this June 2019. The conference will be held at The Marine Memorial Club Hotel in San Francisco, California from June 17th to June 21st. The conference week will begin with a doctoral consortium on Monday the 17th, pre-conference workshops on Tuesday the 18th, and the NDM Meeting will run from Wednesday (19th) to Friday (21st). To learn more about the conference or to submit a paper or poster for presentation, stay tuned for our NDM website update. We hope to see you in June!

More ShadowBox Updates:

The ShadowBox Dayton crew is excited to welcome a new research assistant—Tiffany Estep! With her background in social psychology and mathematical cognition, we are looking forward to Tiffany’s contribution to the ShadowBox training effort.

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