How To Steal ShadowBox

ShadowBox is pretty easy to steal because it is so simple and straightforward. And because we have published several papers describing it. So go ahead – we’ll even give you some pointers.

  • Read the papers we’ve published. Klein et al. (2013), Klein et al. (2015). Klein et al. (in preparation). It will also help to review the literature on Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM), especially the edited volumes from the dozen NDM conferences held thus far, and the additional literature on macrocognition. The reason for plugging into this literature is to understand the nature of the cognitive skills you’ll be teaching.

  • Clone the software. This is a little harder because we’re not going to make our own software available. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to write your own code. You can do it in less than six months for only a few hundred thousand dollars.

  • Learn how to do top-flight Cognitive Task Analysis, especially the Critical Decision method. You will need these methods to capture the kinds of cognitive skills and expertise you want to train with ShadowBox. If you start from scratch, and have a highly skilled mentor, and practice a lot, you should get reasonably proficient in about six months. So if you start writing the software and training yourself in CTA, you won’t waste any time.

  • Figure out the pedagogy. Through a number of application projects, we have learned how to craft ShadowBox scenarios, identify decision points, prepare options to be ranked. It also takes skill to blend the rationale statements of the experts. You’ll need at least 3-4 application projects before you start to get good at this.

  • Master the back end – the incorporation of ShadowBox training into the training record keeping of your sponsors. Otherwise, this training won’t scale up. You’ll have to work with a variety of sponsors to become fluent at this type of transition.

You can cut corners, obviously, but then you won’t get repeat business, and you’ll incur lots of marketing costs to find new users. It’s cheaper to do it right and make your customers satisfied.

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